Mariana Heilmann

Antimicrobial Resistance 

The overarching focus of her practice is scale, energy and interconnectivity. Where humanity sits in this spectrum underpins the explorations in her work.


Over the past 20 years, she has developed work in a wide range of media that has increasingly been informed by her interest in related scientific phenomena. Currently, she is investigating mycelial networks and their symbiotic relationships.

Laura Madeley


Laura Madeley is a Visual Artist and a Neuropsychologist. Her current work unites these interests by exploring data visualisation from EEG recordings using mixed media, print, textiles, and digital approaches. She is studying for an MA in Art & Science at Central Saint Martins.


Lottie Bolster, Rowan Riley, Teresa Zerafa Byrne 

Mental Health: Dementia, Schizophrenia and Trauma 

As a newly formed working group for this project, Lottie, Rosie and Teresa came together through their mutual interest in the subject matter. They found harmony through our different skills, Teresa's creative ideas and her strong visualisation for the piece gave us a clear direction. Rosie's brilliant embroidery provided the inspiration for a common language to unify our different styles.


Phil Barton

Environment and Health

Phil's practice is based on a career working on environmental regeneration, addressing climate breakdown and humanity's attack on nature in the Anthropocene.  His interest is in the inter-connections, power relationships and mutual dependency of natural life support systems with Homo sapiens.


Threads: Lois Bentley (L),

Riko Yasumiya (not pictured) Rose Mengmei Zhou (centre)

Artificial Intelligence and Health Data Science

Lois, Riko and Rose are artist-collaborators for whom conversations about health are central to their practice.With research and art making, they seek to transfer insights from current research in the medical field with the involvement of machine learning, and to

link with the rich history of knowing in various forms. Through sharing their findings in the existing ideas and actions, they hope to clarify translations and demystify mis-conceptions, welcome voices from different perspectives, and to begin the conversations in how we might better see the place of this research.